누 파운드 프리덤

NUU-FOUND FREEDOM talks about the need for atypicality to get out of the routine.  

NUU-FOUND FREEDOM pays attention to the humanities and human nature that should continue in the future,  

recognizes fashion as the scent of flexible art, and returns to the audience's daily lives.  

NUU-FOUND FREEDOM is irregularly created and announced in the form of a project,  

mainly with various artistic attempts such as 3d art, 3d videos, Digital images, and Fine art.  

We want the audience to deeply enjoy  the value that NUU-FOUND FREEDOM wants to convey in life by wearing and experiencing it, 

and we would like to provide the Newly discovered freedom (NUU-FOUND FREEDOM). 

 The creative process of NUU-FOUND FREEDOM is original, and works are sold in the form of small production.